Our unique, hidden decking fixings make installing Millboard simple. There’s no pre-drilling, counter sinking or clip fixings needed – all you need to do is screw them in. Once they’re in, the Lastane® coating material on every Millboard simply flexes back over the screw, leaving a virtually indistinguishable mark and creating a cleaner finish. Made from stainless steel, the screws have a self-cutting tip, six-point Torx head and are waxed for ease of use. And the drill bits are even included in the box.

Reference codes

4.5 x 60mm Box of 250: FT60P250
4.5 x 45mm Box of 250: FT45P250

*Approx number required – 22 fixings per board

Subframe hexhead screw

Our subframe screw fixings make installing Millboard Plas-Pro subframes simple. With just a pre-drilled hole required, these heavy duty coated hex flange head screws have a type 17 ‘gash’ point to reduce drive torque. They are also suitable for timber subframe systems.

Reference codes

6.3 x 90mm Box of 50 Code: FH90P050


Millboard Multi-Spacer 3 to 6mm

The robust Millboard Multi-spacer is specifically designed to enable the fixing of Millboards both quicker and more accurately. At the same time ‘The Millboard Multi-spacer’ allows accurate spacing of any of the four most popular board spacing’s using just the ONE spacer Tool.

Reference codes

Pack of 10: FP36P010